Air Jordan 2 signed Off White are coming

Good news: the Air Jordan 2 signed by Virgil Abloh, creative director of Off-White, are about to arrive. Some rumors say they will be available from November 12th, the wait seems to be almost over! They will be available in two colors, red / white and black / blue both in the low version.

The collaboration between Nike and Off White dates back to 2017 and has become one of the most loved partnerships by all sneakers fans in the world!

Virgil Abloh had the idea of ​​modifying some iconic models of the American brand such as: Dunk Low, Air Force 1, Zoom Vaporfly SP, React Hyperdunk, Air VaporMax and many others. However, he has always kept the silhouette of each shoe, modifying only some details, such as seams / fabrics and some extra accessories - to make them more recognizable and captivating. Now it's time for the Air Jordan 2!

The Air Jordan 2 were designed in 1986 by Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore, both in the low and high version and only in the white / red color. This model recalls the silhouette of a high fashion shoe, in fact it is the first successful attempt to bring the world of luxury into sport. For the first time, the Nike swoosh is missing and the jumpman that will appear in subsequent models is not yet present, the sneakers were designed in Italy and made with fine leathers.

Air Jordan 2 signed Off White are coming Hype Clothinga

Virgil Abloh to create the prototype of the new Jordan 2 got his hands on an old archival model signed by Michael Jordan. The midsole had some crumbling and for this reason, in fact, there are cracks on the rubber of the sole of the new model - to reproduce even the signs caused by time.

On the one hand there is a careful work in researching and studying the original model on the other hand the American creative director could not but put his signature on it: the side writing in Helvetica, the tag, an important tongue and the lacing marked by the writing "Shoelaces" are the unmistakable characteristics of Off-White. Also in this new reinterpretation of Jordan 2, Michael Jordan's signature in silver on the side is inevitable.

Air Jordan 2 signed Off White are coming Hype Clothinga

The past and the future are mixed in this shoe that will be another Made in Italy pride, in fact it is made with fine Italian leathers. Careful attention to detail, the materials chosen and the desire to reproduce a vintage effect - these are the keys to the realization of this new collaboration.

Air Jordan 2 signed Off White are coming Hype Clothinga

Once again the link between fashion and sport is confirmed as a winner, you just have to buy them to add them to your collection!

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