Limited Edition Sneaker Shop in Rome

In the heart of Rome, precisely in Via del Babuino 178, Hype Clothinga opens the doors of its first boutique, allowing all streetwear lovers to have direct contact with the product and to be able to have a customer experience in which retail is the undisputed protagonist.

Hype Clothinga Store in Rome Sneakers Limited Edition.4

After five-year of a profitable experience in the world of e-commerce, Lorenzo Zanola, founder of the brand, felt the need, thanks also to the strong demand of the consumer, to open his first boutique, creating a perfect fusion between the streetwear market and the world of luxury. “In a certain sense, online has given us the foundations but since we are dealing with collectible products, the idea of ​​the physical store seemed necessary to me. The pandemic has shown that, in the luxury sector, it is those who manage to make the experience of being rewarded emotional buying. In fact, even if we are talking about sports products, by now fashion has taught us that even streetwear can be considered luxury...”, says Lorenzo in an interview with the prestigious Forbes magazine.

Confirmation of these words can be found in the recent collaborations between Dior and Jordan, Nike and Louis Vuitton and in the more recent one between Balenciaga and Adidas.

Hype Clothinga Store in Rome Sneakers Limited Edition.2

Inside the store, Limited Edition products are displayed on walls decorated with showcases, which allow you to appreciate the sneakers in every detail. In fact, the design of the boutique was finely chosen following careful and meticulous research, so that the theoretical project was perfectly reproduced within the Hype Clothinga Store. Furthermore, the strength of the boutique is found in the vast availability of products and in the possibility of being able to place orders in the store that will arrive directly at home without any additional expense.

Hype Clothinga Store in Rome Sneakers Limited Edition.3

So you just have to include our store among your obligatory stops in Rome, to live a shopping experience that you will no longer be able to do without!

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