Timberland Boot: the story of the most popular boot in the world

In 1973, among the heavy rains and forests of New England, a North American region with a harsh climate, the most famous yellow boot in the world was born.

Its story began when a worker had the idea of spreading silicone on his leather boots to keep his feet dry during the work shift and this need for waterproofness and comfort did not go unnoticed by the founders of Timberland who began using injection molding. Thanks to this technique, some of the first truly waterproof and lightweight leather work boots were produced, revolutionizing the footwear world.

In the 90s the success of the Original Yellow Boot went beyond the boundaries of the working class world when the protagonists of the New York hip pop scene began to use it as an unofficial uniform. Everyone wore them, from Tupac to the Notorious B.I.G, who boasted about them on stages and in the streets of Harlem, until they became a true symbol of belonging. To date, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rihanna and many fashion victims wear them, creating cutting-edge outfits.

Timberland Boots

Subsequently, boots left the American continent to become popular also in Italy and the United Kingdom.

The boot arrived in Italy in the 1980s thanks to the entrepreneur Giuseppe Veronesi who ordered six thousand identical pairs to bring them to the Milanese market, becoming a symbol of the urban tribe of the Paninari who distanced themselves from everything that had been militant political commitment of the seventies. Fluorescent and designer bomber jackets, Charro belts, Timberland lumberjack boots and blue jeans was the look of a perfect Paninaro who found himself in Piazza San Babila.

In the United Kingdom, however, the yellow boot quickly became an icon among British ravers who wore it at the capital's underground parties.

As we have seen, over the years boots have become increasingly successful to the point of becoming highly coveted in terms of collaborations.

Timberland X Supreme

The collaboration between the two brands has been going on since 2020 until the most recent one in December 2023 and the undisputed protagonist is always the 6-Inch Boot, which comes in two versions.

Both have three color variations: the 2020 version has an upside-down Supreme lettering in glossy color, while the 2023 version has an embossed pattern inspired by textured sheet metal. Both are in premium waterproof Nubuck.

Timberland x Supreme

Timberland X Veneda Carter

This collaboration was born from a passion for the brand of the designer Veneda Carter. The creative's version reinterprets Timberland icons for a new generation that loves fashion. The iconic silhouette of the original workwear-inspired boot is once again the protagonist, but made with modern textile materials, including PrimaLoft® insulation and a Premium Leather upper by Timberland®. The design is completed with Anti-Fatigue technology with a shock-absorbing effect that gives comfort to the shoe.

Timberland x Veneda Carter

MSCHF 2x4 Camel

Not a real collaboration but which leaves no doubt as to what the source of inspiration was, it is the MSCHF 2×4 Boot released on March 19th. Chicago designer Don Co, part of the irreverent artistic collective, has given life to a boot by taking the 6-Inch Boot to exaggeration, reversing the pattern of the sole on the upper and extending the sole to the toe and heel. The padded black leather collars and laces characterize the aesthetics of this innovative design.

MSCHF 2×4 Boot

Without a doubt, all these collaborations confirm that even today the yellow boot is a model destined for eternal success and obviously all the collaborations are available on hypeclothinga.com!

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