Hype Clothinga is a registered trademark specializing in the sale of 100% new and authentic limited edition products. Each item is inspected by multiple team members using the most appropriate and relevant methods and techniques for that particular product - in order to determine its authenticity. Only items that are considered 100% genuine new are shipped to buyers.

Otherwise Hype Clothinga reserves the right to cancel the order and refund the customer, or to submit the restoration of a new order processing so that the customer can get hold of the desired product - without charging any additional cost.

Control step and certified authentication

  1. Check the condition of the box / packaging. The type of material / prints used are taken into consideration in order to verify their authenticity and suitable condition for sale. Verification of the parent company labels, from fonts to transparencies of internal papers.
  2. Verification of the appropriate extra accessories (if provided by the manufacturer), in their completeness and original packaging. Also as regards the accessories, the materials used are compared in order to guarantee their authenticity.
  3. Verification of the materials used to create the product, type of leather / plastics / mesh / suede and of all the logos present in the product. For this phase, various calculation tools are used in order to identify the invoice and its origin.
  4. Verification of the seams in their entirety, up to the verification and inspection of the soles and midsoles - also for this phase different UV detection tools are used.
  5. Verification of the correctness of the sizes reported in centimeters and of the general rough shapes of the product.

Our Passion

Ours is a team of professionals with a strong propensity and attitude in the Limited Edition and high fashion sector, this allows us to have a thorough and profound knowledge of the products we work on daily. The mission is to make our platform a safe place to buy sneakers and thousands of other 100% authentic products.

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