The return of the Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago “Lost and Found”

Since November 19, the world of sneakers has witnessed a great return, that of the Air Jordan 1 Chicago, in a version called "Lost and Found" to refer to a casual discovery of the shoe after decades, inside an old warehouse.

But why is this sneaker still considered iconic?

To answer this question we have to take a leap into the past, precisely in the not so distant 1985, when Nike decided to offer Michael Jordan a collaborative contract for the creation of a sneaker. There were many criticisms following this decision, which however proved to be successful, since Jordan's victories on the pitch wearing the new sneakers were overwhelming. To date, in fact, the Air Jordan 1 is still one of the best-selling shoes by the brand.

Box Nike Air Jorda 1 Chicago "Lost And Found" Hype Clothinga Limited Edition Sneakers.01

The new “Lost and Found” therefore takes up the first model designed by Peter Moore.

In particular, the appearance of the shoe recalls a period in which shoes were lost in warehouse stocks and found years later. As a result, the new Jordan has an aged look, just to give the new generations the feeling of a "lost and found" object.

Even its box fully represents the message that Nike wants to send to its consumer, as it too has a worn appearance, but above all the lid differs from the box as if to indicate an error in its recomposition in the rush to arrange more shoes present in stock.

Bill Nike Air Jorda 1 Chicago "Lost And Found" Hype Clothinga Limited Edition Sneakers 01

Also inside we find an old school-looking receipt, to reproduce the receipts that go into the hands of collectors of shoes that are no longer on the market, and various Jordan advertisements are printed on the tissue paper to commemorate the history of the iconic shoe.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago "Lost and Found" Hype Clothinga Limited Edition Sneakers.02

Going into the detail of the sneaker we can see how the side Swoosh is bigger, a reprise of the 1985 one and the collars on the ankle have that cracked and faded effect, an aspect that the shoe took on over time. In fact, the designers have carefully studied the aging of the skin of the old models to make this effect as realistic as possible.

Even the rubber sole has an aged look, taking on a yellowish tinge, as a shoe left in a box for years tends to turn yellow.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago "Lost and Found" Hype Clothinga Limited Edition Sneakers.003

The most interesting thing, however, is that all these design choices will mean that each shoe is not totally the same as the other, but there will be subtle differences.

This new model will therefore lead fans to relive a moment of nostalgia and will allow the new generations to learn about a story probably unknown to many, to perceive even more the beauty of this sneaker!

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