The Powerpuff Girls x Nike Dunk SB

In 1998, creator Craig McCracken brought the Powerpuff Girls to television screens on the Cartoon Network channel. The series narrates the adventures of three young heroines, born from an experiment by Professor Utoniom, who in his laboratory was trying to create the perfect girls, but due to a mistake he found himself faced with three little girls with superpowers, who immediately put themselves at the service of Townsville, their city.

Their main enemy is Mojo Dojo, Professor Utonium's monkey who, struck by Chemical X, a mysterious and very powerful liquid, has obtained diabolical intelligence and aspires to dominate the world.

For the 2023 holidays, Nike decided to take inspiration from this cartoon to release Dunk SB inspired by the girls' outfits, which have become iconic for an entire generation.

Nike Dunk SB “Blossom”

Nike SB Dunk Low The Powerpuff Girls Blossom FD2631-600 Hype Clothinga Limited Edition

The sneaker dedicated to Blossom comes in a mix of shades of pink, Lotus Pink, Digital Pink and Medium Soft Pink. The swooshes and laces are bright orange like the color of her hair. On the tongue we find a base with the "Powerpuff" logo and the label with the writing "Nike SB" and the name Blossom. Other noteworthy details include the girl's eyes represented with an embroidery on the heels, while a translucent sole completes the design.

Nike Dunk SB “Buttercup”

Nike SB Dunk Low The Powerpuff Girls Buttercup FZ8319-300 Hype Clothinga Limited Edition

The Dunk SB Buttercup instead sports a satin upper in Mean Green color with black details on the midsole, laces and swoosh, which here too take inspiration from the inspirational outfit and hair color of the protagonist respectively. The heels are always decorated with eyes always embroidered with green details. Another feature are the insoles which feature the figure of Mojo Dojo.

Nike Dunk SB “Bubbles”

Nike SB Dunk Low The Powerpuff Girls Bubbles FZ8320-400 Hype Clothinga Limited Edition

The last of the three releases dedicated to one of Cartoon Network's most iconic cartoons, is in a color that combines various shades, including Blue Chill, Deep Royal Blue and Active Pink, mirroring Bubbles' look. The upper features a snakeskin-like texture complemented by yellow laces and swoosh logos, again inspired by his hair. This version also features insoles decorated in comic style with the figure of the enemy Mojo Dojo.

On you can find these releases which are undoubtedly among the most anticipated of 2023!

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