MSCHF x Crocs Big Yellow Boots

The collective of creatives and designers from New York, MSCHF, once again decides not to go unnoticed in the world of sneakers and fashion. Their main goal is to amaze and create a break in style, inventing everything that hasn't been invented yet.

After the microscopic Louis Vuitton bag, on August 9 in collaboration with Crocs, a new version of the Big Boots that created so much sensation last February will be released in the Red version.

The boot's first debut took place at Paris Fashion Week. Artist Tommy Cash dressed as a mime showed up in Crocs Big Yellow Boots at the Rick Owens show, where he was seated in the front row, making them go immediately viral.

MSCHF x Crocs Big Yellow Boots Tommy Chash Hype Clothinga Limited Edition

Boots first look

The Big Yellow Boot is therefore a larger and exaggerated version of the Crocs Classic Clog, characterized by a bright yellow color and a series of distinctive Crocs elements, such as the perforated holes and the heel strap.

MSCHF x Crocs Big Yellow Boots  Hype Clothinga imited Edition

The campaign

For the launch campaign, the brand has chosen the iconic Paris Hilton, who shows off the boot wearing a yellow onesie that is somewhat reminiscent of Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

MSCHF x Crocs Big Yellow Boots  Paris Hilton Hype Clothinga imited Edition

Therefore, given the premises, we can have no doubts about the future success of the new release, which will be popular among all those celebrities and others who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Stay tuned on to see when they will be available online!

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