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Everything you should know about the Air Jordan 1

Created in 1985 by Peter Moore, the design of this sneaker is well known and doesn't need much introduction. It is a high-profile basketball sneaker made of leather and equipped with Air technology for responsive cushioning, both on and off the court.

How was the Jumpman Logo born?

The Jumpman logo first appeared on the upper of the Air Jordan 1 and was inspired by an image of MJ produced in a photo shoot for New Balance.

The player told in an interview that at that moment he was simply standing and decided to jump by opening his legs while he held the ball with his left hand. The photographer took the picture of that now legendary jump and the rest is history. The Jumpman pose was later used in Nike shootings as a hallmark of the brand. This is the origin of the famous Jumpman logo that jumps to dunk, accompanied by the equally famous Wings logo (the basketball with wings that usually appears on the collar).

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How much do the Air Jordan 1 cost?

The retail cost * of the Jordan 1 may vary depending on the version. The price for the High is around € 160, € 120 for the Mid and € 110 for the Low. Prices may vary according to materials and editions, for example on some Air Jordan 1 models in collaboration with other designers, prices can go to € 180 / € 200 up to € 2,000 for the very famous Jordan 1 High Dior.

* The retail price is the sales value at the time the shoe is launched, therefore on Nike website or at other selected retailers. The Air Jordan 1, being a real icon, is always produced in limited quantities and, given the high demand, prices - after the release date - can reach much higher figures. The value of the so-called resell price is determined by supply and demand, so the more an Air Jordan 1 is requested and produced in limited quantities, the more prices will keep rising over time.

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How do the Air Jordan 1 fit?

We at Hype Clothinga provide in each product sheet a little "suggestion" regarding the fit or wearability. Regarding the Air Jordans, our advice is to choose half a size larger than usual - clearly this is not a rule! Everyone has a different foot shape and therefore their usual size could be fine too.

Precisely for this reason Hype Clothinga undertakes to offer an exclusive return service valid on the entire product catalog, to meet the needs of its customers - and thus offer the freedom to be satisfied with the product or reimbursed.

Air Jordan 1 High, Mid or Low - which one to choose?

The three different silhouettes of Air Jordan 1 basically stand out for the height of the collar and the quality of the materials used. The Air Jordan 1 High for example are usually built with premium materials, hence their higher initial retail value. While for the Mid and Low models there is generally less attention - but this is not always the case!

For example, we can see models of Jordan 1 Mid with premium quality materials such as:

This applies to many other models of Air Jordan 1 Mid and also Air Jordan 1 Low, which boast unique collaborations and models.

We like to choose the ideal Air Jordan 1 model based on the season, your physicality, and style - in order to achieve a good harmony with the rest of the look too!

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Which are the best Air Jordan 1?

This is our selection of the best Air Jordan 1s of recent years:

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