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Nike Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon 

Among the world’s most passionate collectors of vintage shoes and clothing, Sean Wotherspoon created Air Max 1/97 SW for the 2017 Vote Forward contest. And he won. The chosen winner design reflects his passion for the culture of the 80s, with inspirations that come from old corduroy hats, from Virginia where he was born and from Los Angeles, as well as from two of his favorite senakers: Air Max 1 and Air Max 97. 1987 saw the birth of the Air Max line, in which the Air unit was visible for the first time. What began as a cushioning experiment soon became an icon of athletics and street style. Over the years, this model has been reinvented and renewed, while remaining faithful to the legend.

Sean Wotherspoon

Passion and dedication are his two unique inspiring muses, which allow him to carry out his projects. It all started in 2013, with the founding of the now famous Round Two in Richmond, Virginia. Sean, Chris and Luke decided to open a store entirely dedicated to vintage sportswear. They bought and sold objects from all eras and through customer’s word of mouth reach very high goals. Their second store in Los Angeles boasts among its customers some of the most influential celebrities on the world scene: from Lil ‘Yatchy to Travis Scott, from Ian Connor to Ariana Grande. All this while keeping in mind the main objective of the store, “looking good at an affordable price”.

The success of the store and Sean’s relentless passion for vintage lead to a close relationship with Nike, a trusted and reference brand, which places him on the list of so-called Revolutionairs. This gives him the opportunity in 2016 to participate in the Vote Forward competition together with other artists, designers and DJs. The goal of the contest is to bring together the most influential creatives on the scene to reimagine the new Air Max.

The sneaker designed by Sean Wotherspoon receives appreciation from the world of streetwear and from lovers of similar pieces of art. Yes, ‘pieces of art’, because Sean Wotherspoon’s project does not come from a desk research, but from years of admiration and love for his surroundings. The bright colors, the novelty of the corduroy and the peculiar combination of the sole of an AM1 with the upper of the AM97 make it a must have already before the official release, which took place during the Air Max Day 2018.

The art of Sean Wotherspoon becomes unmistakable for everyone. It differs from the standards. Sensations, experiences and scattered frames of the collective imagination become the real protagonists of the scene and together they create the Air Max 97/1 SW.

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