Converse Chuck Taylor All-star Fear Of God Black

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Fear Of God Black Natural 2020

Jerry Lorenzo's ESSENTIALS line has become exactly what his namesake would imply, offering users everyday clothes to wear. Nike, it seems that yet another exit of the classic two-tone Converse is ready to hit again. Neutral as expected, the design is quite simple with some modifications that make the sign of its roots clear. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Fear Of God.

Jerry Lorenzo son of Jerry Manuel, former MLB player, coach and manager, Jerry Lorenzo was born on October 5, 1977 in Sacramento. From an early age, to follow his father, he was forced to move to several cities, including West Palm Beach and Chicago. But then, once he grows up, he decides to live and attend the University of Economics in Los Angeles, because he sees it as the city that opens all doors, where dreams can be realized.

So, once he graduated, he started working for sports agencies, later becoming manager of many MLB players. Of these players, however, he not only takes care of purely bureaucratic-sporting aspects, but also takes care of their image, creating clothes for them himself. And it is from there that his true nature, that of designer, finally emerges. In fact, shortly thereafter, almost by chance, without any program, he will found his luxury streetwear brand Fear Of God. From then on, Jerry’s life changes radically.

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