Orders and Shipping


For each product the images and the description containing the relevant details are provided.


Every product sold by HYPE CLOTHINGA SRLS is authentic and 100% original, guaranteed.


Hypeclothinga.com ships worldwide through express couriers. In compliance with the international trade laws in force, the goods shipped are accompanied by an official invoice declaring the total value of the goods purchased in the same currency as the original purchase. Furthermore, the value of each item purchased is indicated on the invoice.

Available goods: Orders for available goods, subject to confirmation of the availability of the items and verification of the bank transaction, are dispatched the working day following receipt of the order. The amount of credit card transactions is debited when the order is processed. In the case of orders made by bank transfer, the shipment is entrusted to the courier when the payment is confirmed and deposited in the current account of HYPE CLOTHINGA SRLS. Customers are advised that shipments may be delayed during promotions and sales.
Goods in pre-order: Orders are shipped with items pre-ordered when the goods are available in stock. Orders with pre-order items, made by credit card, are invoiced the day after receiving the order, or the first available working day, although the shipment of the same is subsequently processed. For pre-order product orders made by bank transfer, payment must be issued within 48 hours of receiving the order. The date of availability indicated online reflects the delivery window indicated by the suppliers. Hypeclothinga.com is not responsible for delays, cancellations or variations of the products in pre-order or for any changes during production. In case of non-delivery of an item purchased in pre-order, the customer will be promptly informed and reimbursed.


HYPE CLOTHINGA SRLS processes orders in Rome, Italy, from Monday to Friday. Orders are processed the day following the order date, or the first available working day. Orders placed from Friday to Sunday will be processed the following Monday. Delivery for shipments to Italy is expected within 1-2 working days. Delivery for shipments to the European Union is expected within 2-3 working days. Delivery for shipments to all countries outside the European Union is expected within 4-5 working days.

Hypeclothinga.com ships worldwide through express couriers. Hypeclothinga.com cannot be held responsible for delays in shipments caused by weather conditions, customs checks or other circumstances beyond the control of HYPECLOTHINGA SRLS.

Limited edition products are an exception that order processing must be assigned from 3 to 10 days before shipment.



When the order is entrusted to the courier, customers receive an e-mail notification from HYPE CLOTHINGA which provides the order number and a link where they can view the progress of the package.


Upon delivery of the goods, customers are asked to inspect the package carefully before signing to confirm receipt of the package. The packages of HYPE CLOTHINGA SRLS are carefully sealed and shipped with special high-strength cartons. If the customer receives a box that has been opened by the Customs or the Courier for authorized external inspections, the package must be closed with a seal of guarantee or control by the body. If the package appears to have been tampered with or the original adhesive tape is not intact, the customer is requested to refuse the delivery of the same, subsequently opening a complaint procedure to: [email protected]


All customers, by placing an order, establish a business relationship with HYPE CLOTHINGA SRLS and undertake to accept the delivery of the package relating to their order. If a package is not delivered to the customer’s address for reasons attributable to its lack of cooperation (incorrect / incomplete telephone number, incorrect / incomplete address, absent recipient) or if the customer refuses delivery, the package is returned to the sender HYPE CLOTHINGA SRLS in Italy charged to the customer. The costs charged to the customer include shipping costs and any customs charges, these costs will be deducted from the refund due. If the payment method selected is “cash on delivery” and the package will not be withdrawn, HYPE CLOTHINGA SRLS will have the right and the power to suspend the account of the customer in question, so as to no longer be able to allow future purchases on hypeclothinga. com.


On the site hypeclothinga.com you can sell your products by filling out the form with a brief description of the product and a photo. The product must necessarily be new and not in “used” condition. Once you have filled out the form with the brief description and the photo, it will automatically arrive in the hypeclothinga.com database, and will analyze the request for you within the next 24 hours, and will send the quote directly to the customer’s e-mail by that date.

If the quote received from hypeclothinga.com meets the customer’s expectations, he can send it directly to:


Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 27

Morlupo (Rome) cap 00067

[email protected]

Once the product has been received at HYPE CLOTHINGA SRLS headquarters, the product will be subjected to scrupulous checks to verify its integrity and authenticity. If the product reflects the description and appears to be new and authentic, HYPE CLOTHINGA SRLS will, within 2 days, pay the price agreed previously to the “seller” by bank transfer, which must be with the same name as the applicant. If the item does not reflect the pre-established fees, HYPE CLOTHINGA SRLS will contact the “seller” by sending a communication of the negative result of the product check and reserves the right to return the item back with the cost of returning the “seller” (10 euro for national shipping).