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Supreme x The North Face Cargo Pant Multicolor

Supreme and The North Face have launched the new “Cargo Series” line, consisting of vest, trousers and jackets in 3 different colors. Made of technical materials with showy pockets and straps, this is the Design chosen for the second part of the ss2020 collection.

Supreme was born in April 1994 from the idea of ​​James Jebbia and presented itself to the market as a clothing brand for skaters. The brand’s history is closely linked to its first store that still stands today on Lafayette Street in Soho, the fashionable New York neighborhood. At the time Lafayette street was a quiet street with antique shops, a fire station (still present). A mechanic and Keith Haring’s store, demonstrating a certain connection to the art scene, which will prove to be the key to success.

The layout of the store was absolutely new: products arranged on the sides of the store and a large space in the center that can be used with skates. In short, a mixture of a shop, a skate track and an art gallery. A shop designed specifically for skaters, who in fact began to frequent it assiduously starting from the opening. The store quickly became a popular meeting point throughout the city: but it was dedicated to skaters, mere mortals had to earn the right to go shopping. Supreme x the North face cargo pant multicolor.

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