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Nike SB Dunk Low Purple Pigeon

Nike SB Dunk Low Purple Pigeon was released in 2006 and has a close resemblance to the Dunk Pigeon in that it shares a gray base color. The Purple Pigeon showcases a Light Graphite upper with a purple Swoosh and sole. This Nike SB Dunk Low Purple Pigeon has a gray suede upper the classic color of the pigeons, but a difference is the purple shade, while in other editions the orange color and white swoosh has been used for the sole. Also, unlike New York pigeons, the purple versions are much easier to find, as they weren’t limited. These were another great couple created by James Arizumi.

Nike Dunk :

The Nike Dunk first emerged in 1985 and was designed with basketball performance in mind. The silhouette has expanded Air Force 1‘s success by showcasing the versatility of the design with color combinations, particularly for university programs. It returned to the market in 1998 . As a casual sneaker and was eventually converted into a skater shoe with additional padding for the Nike SB line in 2002.

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