The order processing time for most of our items in the catalog can vary from 2 to 10 working days (if a product is subject to this timing it will have the specification in the description). For all the items that do not have this specification in the description, processing times will be instantaneous.

Shipments are entrusted and managed by DHL Express with delivery of 1-2 days on national territory and 2-5 days on international territory.

All our shipments will be carefully prepared and we will use cartons with high impact resistance, just to minimize damage from third parties (eg couriers).

For all orders placed within the European Union, no.

For orders placed outside the European Union such as (United States, Canada, Asia, Switzerland, UK) there will be customs charges that will however be declared on the basis of the retail value of the product.

All our orders at the time of shipment will be accompanied by a confirmation email with attached tracking code and courier link to monitor the status of the shipment.


Our payment methods are through Bancomat, Credit Cards, Postepay, bank transfer or cash on delivery.


The New York brand has a very generous fit, the sweaters, sweatshirts and trousers correspond to a size more than normal.

As far as footwear is concerned, it will be necessary to stick to the fit of the model in question.

In this case, unfortunately, it is easy to get confused.

The brand was born in Japan, for this reason the brand is always associated with a very tight fit, but here we must make a big distinction with all the goods coming from the European market having a much more comfortable fit.

So first you need to know where the boss comes from:

JAPAN: very tight fit, take at least 1 or 2 sizes more.

EUROPE: normal fit, take the size you usually use.

This brand for the most part, its wearability is over-sized, but not for all its lines.

We always recommend that you carefully read the section dedicated to the wearability of the product you intend to purchase before proceeding.

This brand’s shoe fit is usually regular, so you can orient yourself to your usual number.

Except for some models that we will now list, everything else not listed below means that it has a regular fit.


For Jordan models it is recommended to take half more.

For Zoom Fly models it is recommended to take an extra number.

For the Air Max 97 models, the fit is very comfortable so half a number less is recommended.


All the goods we receive daily in our warehouses are carefully checked and authenticated by a team of industry experts before being offered in our store.

Anything that will not be considered regular or compliant with the descriptions will be destroyed to prevent the disclosure of fake products on the market.


Yes, you can make returns on new articles.

The returned product must be perfect and without any kind of signs of wear, must be complete with all the tags (in case of new products), extra laces and various accessories must be returned in the same condition of departure.

Once you have received your return, the possible options will be as follows:

– You can load the credit equal to the amount paid, without counting the shipping cost.

– You can change with a product available in our store.

Return fees are charged to the customer.

For the used products it is not possible to make returns.

The return form must be requested within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order.